Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 Blog

Well it’s the halfway point of the Edinburgh fringe 2015. For the most part it has been stress free as far as the show goes. For the majority of the month I am performing with Abnormally Funny People (a group of disabled comedians with one non token disabled person who we patronize the shit out of). Our token person changes nightly which is fun. We have had the likes of Robin Ince, Simon Munnery as well as some big time Improv guys like Richard Vranch and Mike McShane (Whose Line Is It Anyway).


A bunch of us are sharing a flat together which is great and lending itself to material. The location of our flat is only a 5 min scoot to our venue which is fabulous. We are on the top floor of the student accommodation block and it’s quite nice. My only issue is that the shower stall in my room has a big step into it and the controls are very high up. I can turn the shower on by using my cane to push knob around, whilst I stand on my mobility scooter. Problem is I can’t turn shower off so I have to wander out in my towel to find a flat mate to turn it off. One of my flat mates this week is Steve Day who is deaf. He can hear a bit but mostly lip reads. I’ve been losing my voice trying to shout to talk to him.

I have 2 negatives thus far this month. One being that my s outer batteries are not keeping a charge. I actually ran out of power at 3:30am, when coming home for, late night bar. I was close to the flat but my scooter could not tackle the major ramp near the shopping mall close to,home. Luckily 2 police officers walked by and ended up pushing me up to my flat. I have new batteries on order and hopefully I’ll be back to full speed tomorrow. The other negative is that since I am not in the fringe guide I decided to get MASSIVE posters made that are ACTUAL SIZE so that they would be eye catching around town. I even did some arts n crafts and figured out a way to mount my huge poster on the back of my scooter so that I am a rolling advertisement. Last Sat night while I had my scooter charging outside the VIP bar I was in, so one stole my poster off my scooter. I then found out another one of my big posters was stolen off a fence near the BundaBus. If there was an award for most stolen posters, I’d win. I spent 4 hours the other day rigging up another poster to my scooter.


I have a very busy last week of the fringe starting Monday Aug 24. I start my one hour standup show at 16:10 daily for 7 days, as well as doing a few nights with AFP. I have a rather large venue so I am a bit stressed about getting bums in seats. I’ll be relying on social media and word of mouth. My appearance of the John Bishop show has been helping with ticket sales of AFP so hopefully it will help put bums in seats for my show. Hoping the last 2 weeks goes as well as the first 2.